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Cali Contour

Cali Contour Tanning Mask

Cali Contour Tanning Mask

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California Contour covers and protects the portion of your face known as the T-Zone.

In doing so, while tanning on the beach or applying sunless spray, that area stays your lighter shade, while the areas you normally bronze, become darker.

By holding the shield a distance from the face, the gap blurs light’s shadow as well as sunless spray, leaving you with a perfect blend. No tan lines, guaranteed.


The California Contour Shield is the shape of a classical bone structure.  The size of the shield is set at an attractive average.

If you have a larger face more of your face will protrude from the sides becoming tan and contour slimming your face.

If you have a smaller face more of your face will remain covered, targeting only edge areas, contour sharpening your features, without losing your width or height.

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